Facilitating your optimal health journey


Sue Devlin and Carla Hanlon have closed our Retail Dispensary and have gone into individual private practices.  We are both available for consultations at the following locations respectively and can be contacted via email (see Contact Us) or on our mobile phones:

Sue: Located at Yoga Shala, Waterways Village (upstairs) - 16/64 Karbunya St,  Mermaid Waters. 

Call for appointments: 0466 433 081

Carla: Located at 71 Riverlea Waters Drive, Nerang

Call for appointments: 0422 966 807 - Clinic located in Nerang


Our Naturopaths have Health Science degrees and extensive experience working with wide range of health issues  including:

  • Menopause, PCOS, PMS, Preconception and other female reproductive related needs
  • Male hormone and mood support
  • Skin complaints
  • Sleep irregularities
  • Arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory based conditions
  • Lyme disease, Epstein Barr and other viral and bacterial conditions
  • Weight loss (including the hCG low calorie diet program)
  • Digestive complaints including IBS, parasites, "travel tummy"
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • Anxiety and depression

Call to  make an appointment to see one of our qualified practitioners - you can contact us here.


As practitioners, we continue to stock an extensive range of Practitioner Only brands such as Orthoplex and Orthoplex White Label, Pure Innovation, BioMedica, BioCeuticals, MediHerb, Flordis, Optimal Rx, MD Enhance, Nutrition Care and Blackmores Celloids.   We also use Healthwise products as bases for our Amino Acid/Supplement compounding - something we tailor to your exact needs.

We also stock a large range of liquid herbs from MediHerb, Optimal Rx, Herbal Extract Company and Nutrition Care in our dispensary including less common New Zealand herbs such as KawaKawa, Pukatea, Horopito and Manuka.  We also stock the newest Optimal Rx liquid herbs such as Sida, Usnea, Houttuynia, Japanese Knotweed, Reishi, Black Horehound, Lion's Mane, American Cranesbill, Cordyceps, Glossy Privet, Isatis and Lomatium.  We also stock: False Unicorn Root, Rosehips, Holy Basil and Magnolia, among others.

Homeopathic and phenolic remedies - such as "Deseret" brands are often incorporated into our treatment plans - as are Australian Bush Flower Remedies and Doterra Essential Oils.

Finally, we subscribe to "Food As Medicine" and encourage clients to include a diverse range of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as specific food based herbs to assist in the healing process. 

Our philosophy

By taking a thorough case history and overlaying that with your presenting health concerns, signs and symptoms we will develop a holistic therapeutic strategy that incorporates using food as medicine, herbal formulas or vitamin/mineral supplementation where indicated.  "We facilitate your optimal health journey"!


"Thankyou!  I'm sleeping like a baby and I feel so much calmer during the day."  Rosie