Our Naturopaths

Carla Hanlon has a strong corporate background (in a past life) and has a BHSc. (Naturopathy).  She is committed to applying the principles of holistic medicine to her clients by allowing them to share their health (and life) history in order to get to the cause of their presenting symptoms. 

Carla then creates a picture the client can understand and, in turn, incorporates this into her therapeutic strategy to enable her to prescribe herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes to support their well-being and ultimately improve their overall health.  "Giving clients hope is the most rewarding part of being a Naturopath - that and seeing them implement the changes and get the results of improved health and vitality", says Carla.

Sue Devlin also has a corporate/business background as well as a BHSc. (Naturopathy) and brings life experience and an innate understanding of where people are emotionally in their life.

Her client case taking will extend back to early childhood in order to identify any contributing factors to present day health concerns.

Sue has extensive herbal and nutrient knowledge which she is able to draw on when developing her patients' therapeutic strategy.